9 Benefits of Townhome Living

benefits of townhome living

Moving means new experiences—and the chance to make wonderful new memories. If you’re used to apartments, you may not know all the benefits of townhome living. Don’t worry though—we’re happy to tell you just why residents love their Summer Court townhomes!

You Don’t Have to Worry about Upstairs Neighbors

When you live in a downstairs apartment, you often hear your upstairs neighbors ambling about their place. That’s never the case with townhomes!

Maintenance Help Is Available

Home ownership means all the maintenance falls on you. Townhomes for rent, on the other hand, always have employees ready to fix any troubles you may have, giving you peace of mind.

There’s More Room

Townhomes tend to be spacious in comparison to apartments. That means more closets and more room in general!

Amenities Add More Fun to Your Experience

You can visit all kinds of amenities in your townhome complex. For example, Summer Court has a pool, pet park, fitness center, and playground!

They Have a House-Like Atmosphere without High Mortgage Prices

One of the cool things about a townhome is that it’s organized much like a two-story home. You can have a house-like atmosphere—and without paying sky-high mortgage prices.

You Can Enjoy a Backyard

Apartments have many advantages, but they don’t exactly offer a backyard. That means your little ones don’t have a place to play, your dog doesn’t have a spot to play outside, and you don’t have enough room for a picnic or for patio space. Backyards, which many of our townhomes at Summer Court offer, are one of the fantastic benefits of townhome living.

The Townhome Complex Will Handle the Mowing

You don’t need a mower when you live at a townhome! They handle all the mowing. Yes, please!

They Have a Sense of Community

Townhomes help establish a sense of community. There, you’re close—but not too close—to your neighbors.

Patios Usually Come Included

Love to grill? Want to start a potted garden? Thinking of simply sitting out in the fresh air? Townhomes tend to come with patios—and our patios also offer a storage area too!


There are so many terrific benefits of townhome living. We hope that you’ll come discover them for yourselves at Summer Court Townhomes! Fill out our application form here. You can also learn more about us by reading our blog!