Local Spotlight: Southern Broadway Dinner Theater

Southern Broadway Dinner Theater

How about dinner and a show? Perfect for date night or just a night out with friends, the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater brings Broadway-level performances to Enterprise—plus, multiple-course feasts that feature everything from homemade cornbread to broccoli chowder!

Dinner is Served

As the evening begins at the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater, enjoy three-course feasts that are sure to whet your appetite—and leave you satisfied.

Scrumptious soups and salads will greet you and your party, followed by the main course. The main course features seasonal favorites depending on the time of year. For example, past courses have included broiled lobster tail, grilled chopped steak, glazed honey ham, and more. Delicious helpings of carbs, and a green or two, accompany the main dish. Finally, a delectable dessert—from sundaes to streusel pie—rounds off the meal.

It’s Showtime

Once dinner is over, the show at the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater begins. Mysteries, musicals, and more—this Broadway-style troupe caters to all preferences for the performing arts. Enjoy the singing, the laughing, and brilliant stage acting brought to life by the talented casts of the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater.

Past performances include Marooned on Madagascar (2016), Juror Number 7 (2017), Granny’s Christmas Vacation (2018), and more.

The Southern Broadway Dinner Theater boasts four shows per year, one for every season. Upcoming shows are A Pirate’s Catch (Feb. 13–March 28, 2020); Hostile Witness (June 4–July 18, 2020); Blue Coat (Sept. 3–Oct. 10, 2020); and A Grand Christmas (Dec. 1–Dec. 23, 2020).

Season passes are available for purchase through the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater’s website. Additional information regarding ticket prices can be found here.


Enjoy all the entertainment Enterprise has to offer, including at the Southern Broadway Dinner Theater.

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