6 Summer Activities to Do at Summer Court Townhomes

Boredom isn't a part of the package here! See for yourself by trying out these fun summer activities to do at Summer Court Townhomes.

The seasons have changed yet again, bringing warm weather and sunny skies. What else is on the horizon? Why, it’s a ton of fun! Make the most of the next few months with these summer activities to do at Summer Court Townhomes.

Swimming in Our Pool

Need to cool off? Residents are welcome to take a dip in our pool! Please remember to follow social distancing and all posted signage when you visit. Thank you!

Cooking up a Meal in Your Kitchen

From pasta salad to burgers to fish tacos, you can whip up a tasty summer meal in your kitchen! And don’t forget the dessert! Fresh fruit, popsicles, or even ice cream sundaes will add a sweet finale to your meal.

Playing on Our Playground

Your child has the perfect place to explore: our playground! Swinging, see-sawing, and digging in the sandbox—there’s so much to do. Make sure to stay nearby, so that you can ensure your little one is properly social distancing.

Working out in Our Fitness Center

No need to worry about gym fees—our fitness center comes included, making it a great addition to the summer activities to do at Summer Court Townhomes. Whether you’re a workout aficionado or you need to get out your energy, our fitness center gives you a place to exercise. Please remember to stay at least six feet apart from other visitors! The fitness center may be subject to changed or suspended hours during this time.

Taking an After-Dinner Walk

There’s nothing like an after-dinner walk, when the air is cool and the sun is starting to fade. Put on some bug spray, a bit of SPF, and don’t forget to social distance! Mornings are also a great time for a stroll, since the bugs tend to be out of commission around then. Maybe they’re sleeping in?

Bringing Your Dog to Our Pet Park

Bark bark! That’s right, Fido—you can make new friends at our pet park. As for human visitors, you will need to pick up after your pup and follow the rules of social distancing. Thank you!


You’ll have something entertaining to try out each and every day with these summer activities to do at Summer Court Townhomes. And yes, while the word “summer” may be in our name, we’re an amazing place to live all year long! See pictures of our comfortable, affordable townhomes, our amenities, and our application page on our site. Finally, check out our blog to read more about Summer Court Townhomes and all things Enterprise, AL.