Coming Up: Boll Weevil Fall Festival 2020

Boll Weevil Fall Festival 2020

Enterprise, AL has a rather unique claim to fame: the Boll Weevil Monument and the Fall Festival surrounding it! Though some towns don’t know how to celebrate this cotton-eating beetle, we throw all of our events in style. This year, if you’re considering visiting Boll Weevil Fall Festival 2020, you can head to Downtown Enterprise on October 24.

What is Boll Weevil Fall Festival 2020?

The Enterprise, AL Chamber of Commerce is bringing back a yearly favorite: Boll Weevil Fall Festival 2020. There, you can visit the Boll Weevil monument—which turned 101 this year! The main goal is to support local vendors, business, and restaurants, so get ready for some great shopping and dining opportunities too.

What can I do at the Boll Weevil Fall Festival?

You can look forward to quite a bit at the upcoming Boll Weevil Fall Festival! So far, the planned fixtures and features include:

  • Live entertainment;
  • Activities, which will follow social distancing rules and regulations;
  • Art, gifts, locally canned jams and jellies, and more up for sale;
  • Delicious food available for purchase;
  • And more.

Can’t wait for the fun? You can continue to check up on their Facebook page to see more vendors and restaurants as they’re announced!

Visiting Details

It won’t be too hard to spot the Boll Weevil Fall Festival—all you have to do is look for a big beetle monument! The Festival will take place in Downtown Enterprise on October 24. The activities will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Safety Reminders

The Boll Weevil Fall Festival was planned with your safety in mind. They promise to have hand sanitizer stations available throughout the area, and they will be operating in compliance with state safety mandates. If you visit, please remember to stay six feet or further from those not in your household. You should also wear a mask! Additionally, listen to all verbal employee directions, posted signage, and state regulations. Thank you for protecting all of Enterprise, AL!


Does an empty autumn calendar “bug” you? We may have found the solution: a visit to Boll Weevil Fall Festival 2020. Plus, it’s the perfect place to get started on holiday shopping—or to just treat yourself to something nice!

When you leave the Boll Weevil Festival, where will you be unpacking your decorations, jelly jars, and t-shirts? Summer Court Townhomes has openings—and we’d love to welcome you to our community. View our floor plans, photos, and application info online here. You can also read through our blog for more local spotlights!