In the News: New Mural in Downtown Enterprise

new mural in Downtown Enterprise

Have you seen it yet? We’re talking about the new mural in Downtown Enterprise. That’s right—the latest one in the series has officially been unveiled. If you want to see it for yourselves, we’ll tell you just how to find it, what it depicts, and everything else you need to know.

What is pictured on the new mural?

Fort Rucker is less than 20 minutes away from Enterprise, AL—so it makes sense that a lot of our history is tied in with the U.S. army outpost. Many locals have found valuable careers there, with the base guiding their paths. To honor their sense of duty and their sacrifices, artist Wes Hardin depicted black-and-white images of military aviators past, planes, and memorable sights from Fort Rucker itself.

Who painted the mural?

If you’ve been to Dothan, AL, you may have seen other murals painted by the creator of the Fort Rucker mural. His name is Wes Hardin! He was also assisted by Alaina Finuff.

Where is the new mural?

Don’t worry—we won’t make you go hunting for the new mural in Downtown Enterprise. Curious visitors can find it straight across from the First United Methodist Church of Enterprise on 217 Main St.

More on the Mural Series in Downtown Enterprise

The Fort Rucker mural is number two in a series! Before that, our town was graced with a Boll Weevil mural, which you can view on West College Street. With one more mural left to go until the series is complete, we can’t wait to see how creators will decorate our town.

A Few Quick Safety Reminders

Even if you’re just stopping by for a moment, please remember to follow these safety reminders! Stay six feet or further from those not in your household. You should also wear a mask. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly and consider carrying hand sanitizer with you. Thank you for keeping Enterprise, AL safe and healthy.


The new mural in Downtown Enterprise is fully complete—and it looks great. Even if you missed the unveiling ceremony, you can see this iconic piece of art any time on Main Street. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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