Local Spotlight: Weevil Nut Co.

Weevil Nut Co.

You likely just spent a solid month or two crossing gifts off your list. Now, you’re completely zapped! Don’t stress, though. If you have a birthday, anniversary, or baby shower coming up, you can always find an amazing gift at Weevil Nut Co. in Downtown Enterprise.

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Sweet. Savory. Sour. Weevil Nut Co. knows to pack the flavor with all its cool culinary options. They’ll help you turn any occasion into a special occasion too with all their great gift possibilities!

What can I buy at Weevil Nut Co.?

Maybe you’re putting together a gift basket. Or, you’re looking for a special housewarming present. Perhaps you just need a new set of dishes for game day.

Weevil Nut Co. offers food options, as well as dishware, clothes, and kitchen items.

From sauces, to salsas, to jellies, and more, you can find all kinds of tasty fare at this local shop. Here are some of the mouthwatering edible choices you can buy:

  • Monument Sweet Cinnamon Biscuit Mix;
  • Chocolate Espresso Beans;
  • Butter pecans;
  • Sriracha ranch peanuts;
  • Trail mix;
  • Sour worms;
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews;
  • Aunt Bee’z Blueberry Toppin Sauce; and
  • Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough.

As for their other cool items, Weevil Nut Co.’s inventory includes items like:

  • Burger presses;
  • Aprons;
  • Ornaments;
  • Trays;
  • Stuffed animals;
  • College football-themed dishware;
  • Tumblers;
  • Fridge magnets; and
  • Wooden spoons.

See their products here.

Of course, all their selections are subject to change with the season. You can always contact them to ask about their stock or shop their goods online.

Visiting details

After all those delicious options, we don’t blame you if you want to stop by Weevil Nut Co. to pick out a little gift for yourself. You can find them at 107 N. Main St. in Downtown Enterprise. That’s only about a 10-minute drive from Summer Court!

They’re open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Shop in person or order online!

Have any questions? Give them a call at 334-347-6887.


We’ve just thought of another reason to visit Weevil Nut Co.: finding a welcome home gift. Of course, if you’re still searching for a place to live, we have an idea about that too. Check out Summer Court Townhomes—and even apply online—on our website. Finally, for more on local living and spotlights, browse our blog here.